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The Plumb Line

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Amos 7:7   Thus he shewed me: and, behold, the Lord stood upon a wall made by a plumb-line, with a plumb-line in his hand. 

God is always measuring the life of His people by the Word of God; it has always been a measuring stick.  The plumb-line is a simple tool used for determining whether or not something is perfectly vertical upright.  It has been used since ancient times; it is merely a line and weight. Now, that brings us to the Word of God, the plumb-line we use to measure ourselves.  Are we walking the straight and narrow?  Saints the Lord uses the plumb-line (Word of God) to evaluate how upright we really are.  We can proclaim ourselves to be upright but God uses His Word. 

We must understand that the Word of God can shape our lives when we participate in the process.  It is important that we don’t fight against the surety of God working to shape and mold the new creature.  It is important that we let God use the plumb-line in our life.  Walking the straight line with the Holy Spirit guiding us will bring us into blessings.  Let us stay in prayer so that the nation will begin to accept the hand of God working in us.  Our desire is to live a victorious life, let us be a voice and not an echo. Be a leader that will make Kingdom Investments in the lives of those God has given us to impact with the great gift of salvation.  

Because of Calvary,

Pastor James Murphy, Jr.

Pastor James Murphy, Jr.
Author: Pastor James Murphy, Jr.