Auxiliary Groups


Rising Women, Inc.
Girls Mentoring Program An informative service group of young ladies learning the steps on being a virtous woman while maintaining a holy life as a young girl. Community service to reach and impact other female teens.

Single Parent Ministry
A resource of support for single parents to assist in rearing Godly children while maintaining a fulfilled a life as a Christian parent.

Real Men Fellowship
A group of mighty men of God sharing and studying the Word of God to equip us for our Christian journey. Serve as an example to the young men in the body of Christ that it is possible to live a holy life.

Women of Courage
The K.I.M Women Ministry gathering to worship the Lord and share appreciation to sisters of Christ who impacts the lives of His people individually corporately. A fellowship breakfast or luncheon is part of the celebration.

International Medical Mission
A team of committed saints that travel locally Statewide and internationally to administer medical care along with Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prison Ministry Outreach
Preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, every 2nd Sunday @ 7:30 pm inside the Metro Transitional Center. Annual sponsor for the Metro Transitional Center Women’s Conference.

K.I.M. Children’s Church
A time of biblical instruction to ages 2-5 yrs. during Sunday morning attendance at church. Teaching the gospel through praise, worship, bible lessons along with audio materials.

K.I.M. Youth Church
Biblical instructions for ages 6-11yrs during Sunday morning worship. Hands on enrichment activities for understanding and living a Godly life in and away from church. School Discipleship.

Fishers of Men
A young men Christian group that teaches spiritual discipleship to help prepare our young men for leadership in the church and community. Challenging events to help develop our young men to impact the nation as strong priest and kings.

Marriage Ministry
A very enlightening ministry that will allow couples to grow, confront, enrich and maintain their Godly marriage through the Word of God. Monthly meetings and activities monthly.

Singles Ministry
Single saved and loving it for an appointed season. Serving as a meeting place for young singles to come and grow spiritually while maintaining their commitment to holiness and righteousness before God. Providing services to the church and community to help make a difference.

Additional Auxiliaries:

K.I.M. Ushering Department
K.I.M. Youth Department/Youth Choir
K.I.M. Witnessing Team
K.I.M. Praise and Worship Team
K.I.M. Rakad Dance Team
K.I.M. Clothing Bank
K.I.M. Food Bank
K.I.M. Church Choir
K.I.M. Communications Ministry
K.I.M. Meet & Greet