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Stay Focus

Jeremiah 6:1
“O you children of Benjamin, Gather yourselves to flee from the midst of Jerusalem! Blow the
trumpet in Tekoa, And set up a signal – fire in Beth Haccerem; For disaster appears out to the
north, and great destruction.
The historical accounts of Israel are in distinct comparison to what we face today. In
retrospect the conflict isn’t about whether or not the devil has won but our inability to
respond to God’s commands. Therefore, allowing this conflict to occur we lose valuable
insight to spiritual victory. Israel had lost that insight thereby placing them in the path of
destruction. We must stay FOCUS, ( a state or condition permitting clear perception or
understanding) one of the obstacles Israel had to contend with was their rebellion. We face
the same conflict today the preachers, deacons, ushers, teachers, and the list can go on and
on. The question we have to ask ourselves is how to we get back to a place of fruitfulness. We
have nowhere to go; if we are to bring humility to our lives we have to trust God in every
situation. We must be watchful, know when it is the enemy, maintained focused prayer,
listen to the prophets.
We are now in our church wide 21 – day Prayer and Fasting, it is a unified consecration and
each member participation is important. As a Kingdom Investor, God is calling us to adhere
to his commands ….Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways , and see, and ask for the old
paths, where is the good way, and walk therein and ye shall find rest for your
souls….Jeremiah 6:16
At the conclusion of this fast and time of prayer we can expect great blessings from our Lord
and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Because of Calvary,
James Murphy, Jr. Senior Pastor

Pastor James Murphy, Jr.
Author: Pastor James Murphy, Jr.